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Buying a house is a milestone decision.
Buying a house is the biggest purchase of one's life, yet many people spend more time researching what car they should buy than they do on a house. When it comes time to choose a home inspector, countless buyers leave the decision entirely up to someone else, or they choose whoever offers the lowest price. Don't make this mistake! For more info on choosing the right home inspector, read the Comparison section.

Knowing what you're getting into should be your number one priority.
What may seem like a dream house to you could potentially turn into your worst nightmare. Before you make your real estate decision, find out the facts first. Read the FAQs section for answers to the most common questions about home inspections.

Trust only the best to get the whole TRUTH.
Manny Manfredi, founder of R.E.I.N., is a licensed general contractor with over thirty years of professional experience in Hawaii. As a pioneer in the real estate inspection industry, Manny has inspected more than 7,200 homes, has taught numerous seminars, and has served as an expert witness for the State of Hawaii regarding construction-related issues. For more info on Manny, read the About Us section.

Don't risk the most important investment of your life with an amateur, trust R.E.I.N. to help you make a fully informed decision about your home purchase.