Most home inspectors in Hawaii have little or no construction experience - they've never built a house, they do not know how to read building plans, and they can't identify structural problems. Many do not even know what are the proper sizes of framing components, or even if the nail size is correct. Many home inspectors have no idea how the electrical system works or if the wiring is safe.

As a Licensed General Contractor, Manny Manfredi is a professional with many years of construction experience building and remodeling houses. During a home inspection, he is able to review all major components of a house and alert you if significant problems are found.

When looking for a home inspector, these are the MOST important questions to ask:

Check List Manny Manfredi
Are you a Hawaii Licensed General Contractor?
License #?
License # BC-06925
How many years of experience do you have in construction? 30 years
How many additions or remodeling jobs have you done? Over 650
How many new complete houses have you built? 12
How many houses have you inspected? Over 7,200
Are you qualified to read construction plans? Yes
Are you qualified to review structural problems? Yes
Are you totally familiar with foundations, wall framing & supports, roofing, electrical & plumbing systems, solar equipment, termite prevention and estimation of repairs? Yes, involved for 30 years
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