Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is having a home inspection important?

A. A home inspection is important for the following reasons:

1) The purpose for a home inspection is to visually review the condition of all major systems of the house and to alert you of significant problems before you buy. During the inspection you will become familiar with how the house was built and maintained, identify major problems and estimate any repairs or upgrades that may be needed, and learn to prevent future problems. This is a hands-on experience and we urge you to participate with the inspector to find out what you are buying.

2) A home inspection can SAVE YOU MONEY. How? Often a home inspection will reveal problems with the house that the seller was not aware of or they were not disclosed. Examples of this might be a roof that is in need of repair, foundation settling, or improperly built areas. These problems could be very costly and may run into the tens of thousands of dollars to repair, then you may decide to negotiate the selling price with the seller or decide that this is not the house for you. Read some of Manny's satisfied customers' letters regarding how his home inspection saved them BIG money.

3) If the home you are interested in has serious significant problems, a home inspection can alert you from making the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE. Sometimes it is better to walk away from a home that has SERIOUS problems. Knowledge can help you avoid being stuck with a "money pit."

Q. When is the best time to call a home inspector?

A. If you are buying a home, the best time to call is after the offer has been accepted. Ask your realtor to include an inspection clause in the contract making your purchase obligation contingent upon the findings of a professional home inspection.

Q. How do I find the right home inspector?

A. Look in the phone book? Do a random search on the internet? Let someone else decide? NO!
Finding the right home inspector is a task in itself. Unlike doctors, lawyers, or realtors, there are NO SPECIAL TESTS OR LICENSES required to be a home inspector in Hawaii. Shocking isn't it? A person who knows NOTHING about houses could become a home inspector tomorrow by paying for a $20 business license. A good realtor will know a few good home inspectors and can give you their phone numbers, however the final decision should come from YOU. Here are some questions you should ask a home inspector prior to committing to doing a home inspection with them:

What is your experience that qualifies you as a home inspector? Are you a licensed contractor? How many homes have you built or what construction or architectural experience do you have?"

If someone claims to be a professional home inspector, he or she had better know how a home is built. Manny has been a professional Licensed Contractor for over 30 years and has built and remodeled numerous residential homes and commercial properties. He has also bought and sold many fixer-upper properties. Click here to read more about Manny's professional experience.

"Can I see your references?"

A good home inspector should have the buyers interest in mind. If he or she has represented these previous buyers well, then he or she should have references to prove it. Click here to view testimonials from some of Manny's clients.

"Do you offer a full refund if I am not satisfied in anyway?"

Manny stands behinds his inspections. If at the end of the inspection you are not satisfied for ANY reason, you have no obligation to pay. It is as simple as that.

Read more about comparing home inspectors.

Q. How long does a home inspection usually take?

A. Depending on the size of the home, an inspection can take anywhere from 2-3 hours.

Q. When is payment expected?

A. Payment is expected at the end of the home inspection. Manny accepts cash or check.