The following testimonials are just a small example of many of Manny's satisfied customers.

"Aloha! Manny, after your report and a lot of other information we have received about our beloved "Money Pit" we have hit the seller up for $25K to help us with the roof, the drainage, the slippage, and just the general shoring up of the place... Thanks again for a great and thorough job!"
- JR

"Hi Manny. Thanks again for your great inspection of 628 Ho'oulu in Kailua. I wanted to tell you that I as able to renegotiate the price with the seller and got $5,200 to do the repairs. The money I saved with your service is great BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY is being able to buy the house with confidence. Thank you again for taking the time to explain things to me."
- Charlie 8/12/02

"We are in the real estate business and highly recommend Manny Manfredi for all inspections. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and conscientious. Manny has a great understanding of construction issues in Hawaii, and has on a number of occasions found serious problems which without his help would not have been discovered. We would encourage anyone needing an inspection to use Manny and his company."
- Paul Sklansky & Robert Chaffee 11/13/02

"Manny Manfredi is very professional, experienced, objective and knowledgeable as my exclusive professional home inspector. My clients rave about his services. In the past seven years of my relationship with Manny Manfredi, he has never failed me or my clients in providing valuable professional home inspection services and, to me, he is an asset to our industry."
- Vincent S. Yano, Realtor

"WOW!!! Our realtor insisted that we get you to do the inspection for us and now we understand the reason why. You brought to our attention major structural problems, roofing and electrical concerns that otherwise we would not have known. Now we are in the process of getting estimates for repairs to negotiate with the sellers. By the way, yesterday after the inspection, we had family and friends over, some of them have used you for their inspection and like us are very happy with your thorough inspection, what an education for us. We will be recommending you to all of our friends."
- Arlyne and Keith Morikawa 11/24/02

- C.N. Tsutsui                                                                      

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- Shigeru Ogino                                                                                      

More to come!